Last moments in California :(

Friday, May 11, 2012

On my last week in California with my sister, we had some serious fun! We did a lot of shopping. That is always really fun, especially when you find awesome things! I was really excited about my new rolling pin and kitchen mat...and new bathroom polka dot towels....
We went to Staples. I can always find things I want there :)
One thing I love about California is when its cooler out side and all the slugs are out and about!
My cute sister Amber and her hutch/nightstand makeover. She found those knobs and lamp on our shopping spree :)
Eating one last meal with Amber before I left on my flight on Wednesday. We went to I Love Bagels.  It was really good!
Amber let me borrow her big blue suit case to bring home all the extra goodies from this super fun trip! I miss my sister and her family already. They are so loving and generous and complimentive, it is so fun to be around them! I cant wait to go back and visit again :) 
Jake was so cute and picked me up from the airport! I love that any time he gets me from the airport, he is waiting inside the airport to say hello, give me a big hug and kiss, and carry my bags. He is always so sweet to me ;) When I got home, there were these surprises for me in our room! Jake is the sweetest! I love him so much and missed him. As much as I miss my sister, it is always nice to be home from a trip. I love sleeping in my cozy bed!


  1. Ok I think I NEED that lamp! Pretty sure I can't live without it. And I love all your purchases too. I am just now getting into the Hello Kitty craze...she's just too darn cute!

  2. don't you love when visits are GOOD. and you can't wait to go back?

    because sometimes, they aren't like that at all. got to appreciate the good times!