NEW Stuffed Animals in the Store!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

 I have been having some fun lately and making stuffed animals! I LOVE stuffed animals and thought it was time to make some! All of the animals shown here can be found in my online store!
Here are some pictures of what you can find! Thanks for checking this out!

Stuffed animals are awesome to play with (adults and children,) give as a gift, perfect for baby cribs, or chairs, to snuggle with and so much more!
Yellow Chevron Elephant

Blue Chevron Elephant 
                                                                     Pink Chevron Elephant
Black and white polka dot penguin with red removable bow tie :)
Pink Chevron Piggy! OINK OINK!
black and white hexagon penguin with red bow tie!
plaid piggy with an extra cute curly tail!
Last but not least....a MAGICAL Narwhal :)


  1. wait, those chevron stuffed animals are like the cutest things ever. you are so talented!

  2. oh my goodness these are adorable! I think I need to order some! I am so jealous of your creative talent

  3. These are so cute!!I love the chevron elephants, creative!

  4. These are so fun! I wish I possessed your sewing talent!!

  5. love those

  6. OMG the elephants totally pulled at my heartstrings!

  7. Oh these are just simply amazing. I am in LOVE with that Narwhal.