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Saturday, May 26, 2012

I LOVE to shop. Its bad. But.... I think like a lot of people...I really enjoy some shopping time! Jake and I were at Nordstroms and saw these jeans...and HAD to get them. I got them a few weeks ago in yellow and I knew right away I would LOVE the green ones. I think sometimes when you find a good might as well stick with it and get a few pairs :)
I also got this necklace. I used to wear jewelry (way overloaded) all the time and havent been wearing jewelry for a few years. I guess I got burnt out from so much bling :) I thought it was time to start wearing jewelry again so I could mix up my wardrobe a bit more! Jewelry is so fun, and this necklace will be a start!
I got my ears pierced back in September and have not been wearing any exciting earrings except my Hello Kitty earrings that I got my ears pierced in. I thought I would start small with these studs so my ears dont think they are going to fall off yet with dangly earrings. (I love dangling earrings I will get there someday soon.)

I am happy and excited about these new purchases! Wahoo! I LOVE shopping! Wouldn't it be fun to have unlimited money to go shopping everyday all day?!

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  1. i have the pants in yellow. but they fit weird. i might return them... when they went on sale i snagged them. but i'm so tall they are really cropped. the waist fits weird. glad they work for you!