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Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day everyone! Wahoo!
Well, this last week was a good week and a busy one!
On Monday, I finally took a load of clothes to the dry cleaners....I need to start finding clothes that are not dry clean only.
When Jake got home from work we went and got food at Taco Bell. Then we went over to our church to help clean it. Every couple months we get to help clean! It was a great time and we got to meet some new people!
After cleaning, Jake and I tried a new cupcake place to us called Cupcake Chic. It was cute inside and had a fun selection. We liked there cupcakes and they were delicious! Here we have a key lime cupcake, white chocolate raspberry, and red velvet. I think Cupcake Chic does a really great job with presentation and looks of each cupcake. The only thing is, I would have to crave them at a certain time. They are very dense and full cupcakes so its alot of cupcake, but its still really good.
Tuesday I finally finished my elephant army of 60 elephants. They all didn't fit on this table...I am so glad to have them all done. I think its safe to say...I am pooped of making elephants for the moment :)
Wednesday I picked up my dry cleaning. It was a grand total of $132.00. I am glad I dont dry clean very often.....I am fine wearing my clothes several times before I wash them...unless I get sweaty ;)
The rest of Wednesday I chilled in my pjs and watched TV. It was wonderful :)
Two movies Jake ordered came in the mail. He loves these Japanese style movies. I saw Arrietty and it was great! It was a super cute movie. I am excited to watch Whisper of the Heart.
Wednesday night I got to got to dinner with my friends Tana and Lizza from my church. They are so chill and down to earth, I love spending time with them! We went to Milawis Pizza. I got a thai pasta, and it was soooo delicious! I LOVED it! I havent loved everything I have ordered from this place before, so I was glad I found a winner!
I love when people are so nice! I met Nancy at the last Queen Bee Market I did and she was so kind. I thought seeing this on instagram was so awesome! It seriously made my day! Thanks to so many of you who are always so sweet to me and helping my crafting dreams come true!
Thursday I got my hair done! Wahoo! I love getting my hair done... except for the price...but I do like getting a fresh cut and color! I got some new hair products and I am excited to give them a shot.
Thursday night, my friend Diana and I tired to meet up with a bunch of bloggers and online shop owners..but sadly no one came. Kinda funny. But thats ok. We will try again because we both want to meet some new friends!
 Friday, I ate tons of cupcakes, and got things ready for an upcoming boutique! For some reason...I kinda enjoy counting inventory. Maybe because I get excited to see what is missing after a boutique :)
Friday night, Jake and I went on a date to Shoga for some sushi. We were both so sad that the food was was to greasy and not super fresh and yummy. :( Jake and I really eat anything and love everything, so we were both surprised when we didn't like the food. We have had good experiences at Shoga, but I dont think we will be going here any more :( We came home and were both feeling...quite sick all night :(

Knowing Jake and I, we will have to try Shoga again to see if it was a one time deal or not. We will order different items that we got tonight...

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  1. That's too bad about Shoga! I've been there and loved it! Sad.