Yard Sale Saturday

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Today we had a big fundraiser for the girls I am working with for girls camp! I have never done a yard sale, so I was a bit skeptical, but let me tell you...it turned out awesome! Lots of people donated baked goods and items to sale for the yard sale. Many of the girls came and helped set up items, price things, hold up signs and much much more! I never knew how much work a yard sale is, but it help us raise more than enough money for girls camp! Wahoo! Such wonderful news! YEAH! So thanks to all who helped and made it a success! Go Yard Sales!
Let the yard sale begin!
 Our lovely cashier :)
 Lots of yummy bake sale items! They were all delicious and good! We sold out of everything! It was wonderful!
This is what treasure I found at the yard sale!
I had so many tables and stuff in my car, after it was all cleaned out, I was dying to go to the car wash! I love getting my car washed! It feels great! I love a pretty car :)
Then Jake and I went for a late lunch at J-Dawgs! OHHHH so yummy! It was not disappointing! 

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