Max Brenner and Christian Louboutin

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Every time we are in Vegas, there in only one place we want to eat! It is always Max Brenners! OOOOOH SOOO GOOD! The food is always good, and soo is the dessert! And lets not forget the amazing coca powder chili waffle fries with magical dipping sauce!
Our favorite dessert! Some times we try new ones, but always come back to the chocolate lava cake.
We always make sure to go to the bathroom at Max Brenners. You always leave look good.
Next we went to Mac to get a few new make up items! I LOVE getting new makeup...even though I hardly ever wear it...
Lastly, Jake and I headed over the Louboutin store. He is so cute and sweet. He has been wanting to get me some of these shoes for some time now. He thinks the red underneath is super cool. He said it was time to get a pair. I LOVED the idea :) Such a sweet husband.
When Jake and I got home, he made me do a photo shoot with my new shoes on. I was very willing to put on my cute new shoes! I LOVE THEM!
This is what the dead witches feet look like in The Wizard of Oz when they are squished under the house that fell on her.
Cant wait to go on a date with my new shoes on :)


  1. So amazing! I'm jealous... I am such a shoe girl... they are truly gorgeous!

    -- Shelby

  2. love your new shoes!! i love that he wanted you to get them! such a cute hubby!

  3. Looks like you had a good time! Your shoes look great on you, and I'm super jealous that you got to eat at Max Brenners!

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