missing hair

Thursday, June 21, 2012

I always go back and forth between my feelings on long hair vs short hair. I have been loving my short hair, especially since I got straight across bangs again! But looking though old pictures..it makes me miss some long hair action....long braids.... beanie head...
Long pony tails......feeling fancy with long hair for church...
 Long curls....feeling like a baller with hair flowing in the wind snowboarding....
High buns, and long wet hair when you get out of the pool. Those are things I miss.

Things I dont miss about long hair is....long dry time.....taking an hour to curl it all....and thats about it :)

Hair for me is always a dilemma. I always like it how ever it is, but you know..you miss sometimes what you dont have anymore. Short hair is super easy though! Its been really nice for summer!


  1. I feel exactly the same as you! and always go through phases of growing it long, then cutting it, then wishing I'd never cut it! haha but yeah drying time with long hair is such a pain!! Mine is currently long...but I was contemplating cutting it but I think after reading your post I'll keep it long for now!! You look great with long hair, I'm jealous of how well your hair curls - mine is super thick and curls never hold! I like your short hair too and know it's so much easier!

  2. you're so lucky to be able to pull off long and short hair!!! i just wish my hair would grow!! haha

  3. totally understand. i'm in a long hair phase and i'm wanting short hair but it's taken me so long to grow it out. i usually cut it short every year or so....i'm coming up on my year mark soon and i'm still debating. hmmmm...i do think you look cute with either though. :)

  4. oh I like this one too..... I think all of us ladies have had similar feelings. My favorite part of this is how it was supposed to be a "sad" post and then you end it with "but it's been great for summer!" instead of "it will take me 3 years to grow it back" haha! love the optimism kels! You look beautiful either way- and you can't say that about everyone :)