Chevron Elephant Giveaway!!!!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Hello! I am so excited about today! I am doing a giveaway on a super cute blog called Cupcakes and Candycanes! The sweet girl named Allyson is doing the giveaway for me, who actually was a giveaway winner from a giveaway a did back awhile ago :) To fun! She is super sweet and way patient! Well....todays item for the giveaway is......A BLACK CHEVRON ELEPHANT! WAHOO!
-Giveaway ends next Monday 16th :)
To enter the giveaway- you can do this all on Allyson's site :)
1. Follow my blog ""
2. Like on facebook
2. Go to Cupcakes and Candycanes and follow Allyson to! She is wonderful!
-Also, stop in to meet Allyson! She is pretty wonderful and has a fun blog full of lots of fun things including upcoming wedding plans :)