Girls Camp Day 3: Thursday!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Thursday was a great day at camp! It started off with over half of our girls receiving their Incredigirl necklaces! Way to go girls! You are all amazing! Then we headed over to the water front for some serious canoe games! Here are some action shots!
Cheerleaders from the side lines.
A special treat came on Thursday! Catherine and her super cute mom! Mckenzie and Stacey G. got to go canoeing with them around the lake!
We got a yummy salad lunch, and headed back to our camp site for some ward time!
We had a hair washing party, and got to see some neat animal life :)
Craft time! Making our temple blocks!
Our ward was in charge of dinner prep and clean up! I was so impressed at a wonderful job all your girls did! Way to go!
Soup, bread and honey butter for dinner, hot chocolate and cinnamon rolls for dinner!
In the evening, we got to enjoy some singing around the lake, and a star gazing class! It was wonderful!

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