Weekly Update

Monday, August 6, 2012

 This past week was a great one, and a long one! It started Sunday night, getting out all my stuff for girls camp!

 Monday, I went to the store to get things I still needed for girls camp, and get food for all us girls to eat!
 I got to meet up with my friend Ruth for lunch! It was a great time! After, we went to her house for play rehearsal for our girls camp skit!
 In the evening, Jake and I went to yogurt land to get a new penguin Hello Kitty spoon! It was nice to spend a little time with Jake before I left for a week.

Finishing packing up my back pack for camp! I think I had a bit of fun with getting some Hello Kitty Items....
 A shower cap with ears...very needed
I love how the first aid kit I got came with Mosquito Repellant Stickers. My favorite part si how it says.."Go Away Mosquito!"
 Girls camp was a great week! I made lots of new friends and had a wonderful time! Lots more pictures to come from camp!
 Friday night, Jake was a dream boat and came up to girls camp for Testimony Meeting and dinner! Then the next day, he and some other awesome guys in the ward helped pack up our camp, pack up our trailer and get ready to head home! Jake and I drove the trailer home, so on our way home we stopped at Cafe Rio! Yummy! Jake was so cute and made a couple of new music CDS for me for our car ride home! He put all my favorite kind of music on them. He is so sweet to me!
 When I got home, there were surprises for me from Jake! Hes so cute! New shoes, new work out pants, Hello Kitty bandaids, a duck and a new Lego Set! I love my Jakey!
Then Jake helped me unpack all my stuff and do all the laundry! For dinner, we went to Happy Sumo! It was soo good! I was craving some good sushi!


  1. wow how fun! and dang jake is a good shopper haha what an awesome surprise. LOVe those shoes oh my goodness! glad you had a good time at girls camp!

  2. Mmmm...Cafe Rio...What is with Yogurtland?? I always hear about people collecting spoons...?