weekly update

Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday I finally made dinner....bacon, shrimp, avocado, lime, cilantro, with southwestern dressing burritos. I know the combo sounds weird...but they ended up being delicious!
I worked on trying to make tooth fairy pillows. For some reason I wanted one. I am still working on making the ultimate pattern. I am not there yet. This was my first tooth.
Tuesday Jake and I tried a new place for dinner called Apple BBQ. It was really good. We got slow roasted pulled pork, sausage and sweet potato fries. The pork and fries were my favorite. I did feel the meal was a little overpriced, but the food was good. I think I like Wallabees better. Same kinda food there, better portion size. I did love the sweet potato fries though! That was a winner. 

This has been a great week, but also emotionally draining. I got a job, said yes to do it, and didn't feel good about it, so I had to say I couldn't do it. It was weird because I really wanted the job. Recess Aide...doesnt that sound so dreamy?! I am sad I didn't feel good about it anymore. Jake and I committed to doing Japanese lessons and Korean sword fighting every week and went to tell everyone we couldn't do it anymore. I feel so horrible. I hate letting people down. I thought it was better to tell people the truth though...I am exhausted, I just want my evenings to be relaxed and not scheduled and I need a break. I hate seeing sad faces. It has been draining for me this week because I feel so bad. I think to, I like being able to do yogurtland, and out to dinner. I think I am just in a weird phase of life where all I want to do is sew, hang out with Jake and take piano lessons.
Wedesday, Jake and I took off to Washington. Wow, we had an amazing time there! We got to party till Sunday afternoon and came back home. We had a blast on our trip and took at least...a million pictures. Lots of blog posts to come from our fun adventures in seattle!


  1. Seattle is my Fav!!!!! In fact my hubs and I are going back in October. I can't wait to see all your pictures and see all the fun things you did. Did Jake go their for work or did you guys go for pleasure?

  2. that tooth fairy pillow is adorable!!

  3. oh my so cute i love the tooth fairy pillow!