New Home Lighting and Fans Picks!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

It has been so fun for Jake and I to pick out all the fun details for our house! Its interesting and funny what things you are fine doing normal in your home, and other things you are willing to pay a bit extra for. Lighting is one of the "extras for us." I think being in a rental home right now with florescent lighting, and not much lighting in places has been dark and dreary (I feel when I turn on the lights....nothing happens). So in other words, Jake and I want LIGHT in our new home! It just makes a difference for me walking into a home that is bright and cheery. Here are some lighting and fans Jake and I bought for our home and are sooo excited for! Although the colors of the lighting may not look bright and cheery, my face is looking bright and cheery just thinking of them! I think about these lightings everyday and look at them! I just love them!
This is the Chandelier we got for over the dinning table! I dont know why, but I LOVE this! I dont know if its the rope, or the movie theater bulb look..but I loved it! Luckily Jake did to :) Its actually pretty big as our dinning table... :) I guess go big or go home...
We got 3 of these small hanging pendants to go over the kitchen island! We wanted more of a statement piece for over the island, but with the big would be to much. I am happy with these lights though, and think they will go well with the rest of the lighting in the downstairs.
In the kitchen there is a little half bath. We loved these lights, so we got two of these to go on the sides of the mirror :)
This is the mirror we got for the half bath. We wanted to go with that aquatic theme to match the lights!
The family room will have this all steel fan and the master bedroom. It will also have a light on it.
This fan is my FAVORITE! I LOVE it! Its even cooler when its on! The fans circle around the light, which I thought was pretty neat. This fan will be in the living room.
In the entry way of the home, we got this neat antiqued metal drum pendant. We wanted something simple in the entry way of the home because each way you turn, you will see a unique lighting piece, so we needed something that would be simple, but could hold its own. Hopefully it does :)
When you walk up the stairs, this will be above you. (maybe that would make you not want to look up when you walk upstairs....haha) We wanted a neat statement piece because you will be able to see this from the loft room, and the upstairs hallway. This was one of the first things Jake and I saw when we first started shopping at Restoration Hardware. Ever since then we have always had it in the back of our heads that we wanted to use it somewhere in a house someday! Who knew we would actually get the chance!
In the Master bedroom, I really wanted lights on each side of the bed for reading.  I really wanted swinging arm lights, but Jake is a little scared of we went with these lights. I like these to!
In the master bath, we choose this to go over the tub. This piece is called "Sputnik." Good name for it huh? Jake showed me this lighting and I told him..."its nasty, I dont like it!" Then I saw this piece in the Restoration Catalog and it looked amazing. I told Jake sorry, and I want it over the tub. We agreed :)
In our Master bathroom we are doing a split mirror. We will have 3 of these lights, and one on each side of the mirror. Did that make sense? (light, mirror, light, mirror, light)
The loft will have this fan in the corner of the room. Jake didn't want a ceiling fan to distract from the stair lighting, so we went with a corner fan. I like this fan, so I thought it was a good idea!
In the kids bathroom, we are doing a ceiling mount light. There will be one of these mounted to the ceiling, over the sink.
There are a couple of places in the home where we needed flush mounts. We wanted a simple one, so we went with this.

We still have a few more lighting options to pick out, but I am quite happy with what we have going on so far! Wahoo!


  1. the one for the family room is my favorite...looks so cool!!!

  2. Wow those are some truly amazing light choices! I love the dining table chandelier and the matching "nautical" pieces that go with it. I can't wait to see what they actually look like hanging in a home - so different and unique for sure!


  4. Holy cow you guys. I love these fixtures in my Restoration Hardware catalog, you guys have the coolest taste. (i'm assuming that's where you are ordering from). You put it all together so well. Did you ever think of opening your own home deco business? It's just so exciting to see all of your pix as things develop. BTW, love the shape of the porch columns cuz it takes away some of the 45 degree angles of your home. Very craftsman looking. (My 2 cents)
    Love U guys, Auntie