shelving, window trim, lockers, banister and railing

Saturday, September 29, 2012

September 28: Today we went to the house and there was a start of the stair railing and banister! Oh it was beautiful, solid and super sturdy! I love it! Its so beautiful! I like the raw wood look, but I am sure it will be beautiful painted :)
 Waines coating going in!
 Closets with shelving!
 OH I am sooo excited for this master closet!
 Framed in the fireplace mantel, and the start of wanes coating in the family room.
 All the windows with trim on the bottom, and wanes coating in here....
 Lockers in the mud room! I am so excited Jake will now have an official place to put his backpack when he comes from work!
Pantry, and saying goodbye to the stair banister! I love it! I think seeing the house be built I will hopefully appreciate more of the house details and all the love that went into it!


  1. Your home posts are making me jealous! I'm dying to sell our current home, get out of our rental, and build a new home in Sandy (it's a long story). But it's not in the cards right now.

    I like seeing your progress though!

  2. Oh the mud room will be the best!!! And the room with all the long windows is so pretty!! Love it Kelsey!

  3. Oh that was me amber, love u weeze!

  4. I do have an official place to put my backpack... on the floor of the hallway silly! :)

    1. I see this will take some training from the woman of the house, ha ha

      Love ya, Auntie Randy