weekly update

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

This has been a great week! Its always nice to get home and get caught up from life! Monday night Jake and I picked up some Sweet Tooth Fairy and watched Bachelor Pad. That was fun! Worst show ever, but for some reason...I love to watch it. Jake also got me a surprise today....
The new Mario game from the 3DS! I spent all Tuesday playing it! Its so fun! I always take awhile playing games because I have to find all the secrets and coins before I move onto the next level! I am on the secret world 1 and so far its a blast! I need to play more! I am a big Mario fan!
Tuesday night Jake and I went to the Ancient Life Museum. Pictures from that coming soon! On our drive home it was beautiful out, and even a rainbow!
We stopped at McDonalds for dinner! Never disappointing :)
Wednesday Jake got to come home a little early from work to take me to the doctors. I did not want to go....I am so done with seeing doctors all the time..Jake was so sweet and bribed me with an awesome treat of new clothes :) and dinner. I wanted to try Cubbys! I see people instragram yummy pictures from there and wanted to try it out! We got Mr. Beef foot long sandwich and split some buffalo blue cheese fries! It was a ton of food, and delicious! I asked for some sweet bbq sauce to dip my sandwich in, and I really liked that!
Later Wednesday night we stopped to get ice cream cones at McDonalds! I didn't know every McDonalds now has dipped cones! Yes please! Oh so yummy!
 Thursday Marin and I got to go to lunch! Oh my goodness, I have missed seeing that girl! She is so wonderful! We had so much fun eating at Cafe Rio and getting some yummy food! It was so nice to catch up and see how she was doing!
After we went to Krispy Kreme to get some donuts to take over to some builders....more on that tomorrow ;) I love donuts! Marin came over to my house after and we had fun hanging out!
This week I participated in a children's book exchange. It was fun!
Friday for date night, Jake and I went to Trafalga. Yes, it was super ghetto....but we had alot of fun! We did some goofy golfing. Surprisingly Jake and I did pretty good golfing! I think because we didn't keep score, there wasn't any pressure to compete. So we did good!
 A perfect time out to go goofy golfing!
For dinner we got wings and pizza from Black Jack Pizza. The wings were super fatty, but they tasted great! 
 Saturday was an errand day. Along with some good mood food!
For Sunday I had made treats for our Sunday school class, but I forgot it was fast sunday....so when Jake and I came home from church we ate most of the cupcakes :) I didn't complain.


  1. Ummm... can I please come hangout with you? You guys know how to eat GOOD! I want to dive into your pictures and steal all the cupcakes plus the krispy kreme. And I'll just come with you to cafe rio instead of stealing yours ;)
    Want to know a ridiculous story about me? When we first moved up north my husband would say "look! it's aglafart!" (trafalga spelled backwards) every time we drove past trafalaga. It happened so often that I started calling it aglafart without thinking. You can imagine the looks I got every time I mentioned aglafart....

  2. You've had some amazing looking food, you've made me hungry haha. I'm following you, i'd love for you to check out my blog and follow back xx


  3. uhhhh i just about crawled into the computer screen so i could eat all the things in this post. SO MUCH YUM.

  4. Oh my gosh everything looks so yummy, we don't have dipped ice cream in McDonalds in the UK, I'm so jealous! x

  5. i usually love your food pictures, like i'm drooling and have to wipe my mouth, but being all pregnant is totally hurting my food love on your blog. it is a very sad day, :( cause you guys eat at the most delicious places. i will say though i would totally eat those wings on top of those cupcakes. hahaha. :)