weekly update

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Last week was a fun one! Jake left out of town Monday morning for work, and I needed to sew a million elephants this week....so it was ok :) I ate alot of shrimp burritos this week...
and cupcakes! Trying to pull some all nighters..I needed some sugar!
Wednesday, Alicia Crowley and I got to go to dinner together! Sadly Diana was not able to come, but we got to hang out with her on Thursday so that worked out just fine :) We went to Mialawies  and got a pizza to share..
and I got a thai pasta...
and we split a dessert pizza! Oh yum!
Thursday, Diana and I got to eat dinner together! That was really fun! Then Alicia came over and we all played and partied! While I cut out elephants... Diana even put bows around the finished elephants! I have the greatest friends! I love playing!
When Jake got home from DC on Thursday he brought me home my favorite cupcakes! He picked up some Georgetown Cupcakes while he was out and about! He is the sweetest! Oh YUM!!!!
Jake got a new ipod this week! He got it so he can have it for when he goes running! I am so excited for him! When he got home he was so excited to see his ipod, he started making a play list for it right away!
Tuna got a debit card this week.......he has been wanting to use it everywhere and spend money on it. He even used it to fix Jakes car shocks this week... I think we are going to have to have  a lesson on budgeting... 
This movie was Tunas first purchase with his debit card. He loves puppy dogs.
Pazookies! For breakfast...
I did a book exchange and got a book in the mail! I was so excited!
My sister Cami sent this picture of Dean to me in a bow tie I made. So handsome :) What a great week!


  1. Holy cow that was some amazing looking food in this post! I wish I wasn't craving both pizza and burritos now!

  2. and now I'm starving.
    good thing I have an ENTIRE pizza from last night! :)
    so fun meeting you!

  3. Sounds fun!! I noticed the book was addressed to "Baby Harris"??!??! Are you pregnant! :)!!!

  4. Ok you are adorable!! It was SO good meeting you last night! I just loved your style, your quirkiness and how cute you are! :)
    We totally do need to take a trip to Disneyland and run that half too!