Confessions of a Turtle Mom

Friday, December 14, 2012

Ever since moving, there has been a ton going on with the turtles. After Mr. T's can read about it here. Poor little guy. I am pretty sure he is all better now. Well, when we got into our new house, the boys Mr. T and Max were living in big plastic tubs. We added docks and heat lamps and water heaters to their water but they just were not happy. They were not eating, and like any turtle mom, I was worried about them.  Jake and I were having a hard time deciding what to do for the turtles and how to arrange their living situation. We want to have a pond built in the back yard for them, but that is going to cost a ton of until then...what do we do!? I had been thinking about it for weeks! I didn't want a ton of tanks all over the house, and thats what our only option came down to for now. haha. So yes, I am one of those people with 3 aquariums in my house now ;) The boys are each in their own individual tank and the girls share one. I never realized how much commitment, money and responsibility turtles take. I think one would be cake, but 4 is a lot of work and time. They are worth it to see their little smiles on their faces.
Max in his tank.
Mr. T in his tank. Right when we put the boys in their own tank, they were loving it. They loved their heat lamps, and plants and love to swim around. It was crazy how right when they got into their new tanks you could tell they were so much happier! And, they eat like crazy now! I love seeing them happy and swimming around. I dont like having all the turtles separated though. I think its important for them to have interaction with each other, but ever since what happened to Mr. T...I think they are to young right now and need some space. And I do love that they are no longer all fighting with each other. I did enjoy them sitting on top of each other though in big turtle piles. That was always so cute seeing all four of them on a dock sitting on top of each other with their legs stretched out getting some fake sun rays. Well, I am glad the turtles are happy for now and doing well. They make me so happy with their cute smiles! Now we need to save money to build a super cool pond in the backyard. 

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  1. I have no idea that you had turtles. They're so cute! I really want a bigger pet, but so far it's a beta fish, haha.