Getting Settled In :)

Friday, November 9, 2012

We are getting all settled in! Wahoo! I can say this is the first time since our last place we lived I have been sleeping through the entire night! Oh its been so dreamy! I dont know if I just sleep extra cozy knowing we have our own home, or we can make the temperature whatever we want, or what, but its been nice! I love not waking up in the middle of the night! We still have tons and tons of unpacking to do. Its funny when I am going through all our junk. I feel like a hoarder! Its nice to get rid of some things, and find new places for other things! 
One thing I have been struggling with is the kitchen. Its been so fun having tons of cabinet space, but I dont know exactly where I want to put things yet. Maybe I should cook a meal or two, and see where I graviate to to find things :) I did know right away I wanted my piggy timer on top of the oven :) Well, I cant wait to be all the way unpacked, hang things on the walls, and find places for things! I have been working hard on it all last week, and am almost done ;) Wahoo!

I have been thinking lately, I am so excited to start having a life style. I feel like we were not planning on staying in Utah before, and our place was a rental, so I never really built roots here. I feel like now that we are stuck here :) that its time to build some roots. Time to make friends, read books before we go to bed, cook meals every night, make treats, time to make a life style. Not that we have not had one before, but I think its time to start doing things we wanted to do, and make it happen :) Life is great!
Working on all of this now... :)


  1. Your place is looking great! Your bed and bedroom like you might have stolen that pretty picture straight from Pinterest :) I'm jealous and loving it!

  2. So cute. I love what you are saying about making a lifestyle because I totally know what you mean!! I can't wait till we get to that point too!

  3. Seriously dying over your house! So cute! I've been looking for the perfect wall and I LOVE yours.. What color is it? Above the fireplace and such

  4. your house at that bed it gorgeous!