LEGO DINO - Triceratops Trapper (5885)

Thursday, November 29, 2012

I got this set at Target for $49.99. I think that is the cheapest around to find it. Jake had really been wanting this set for the triceratops! The set was totally worth it! The truck/trapper is really big and has huge wheels! Jake put this set together pretty quick, but I think he was so excited to finish the set to see the dino, he was rushed through it. Its a neat set. All the dino ones are awesome! We even made a stop motion video with all the dino sets together! We need to finish it though. Its been over a year since we made it, so who knows when it will get done :)
 We loved that the triceratops head was in a box. To funny.
 Tuna helping out build the set. He tamed the triceratops.
You start off putting together the people, triceratops and the trapper.
 Starting the car.
Happy Dinosaur trapping :)

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