Minted Christmas Cards

Friday, November 16, 2012

This year with moving, doing several boutiques, and sewing like a made woman, I decided I was going to skip out on Christmas cards this year. I usaually always have them done super early and am so excited to send them out the day after Thanksgiving. I was feeling fine about not doing Christmas cards till I started thinking about it and felt I was missing out. Then I realized, its not to late to still make cards! Christmas is 2 whole months away!

Well, thank goodness for Minted! They came to save the day! I was having so much fun looking at all their designs, how could I not get Christmas cards?!?! There were so many I wanted to pick! I LOVED them all! They have some amazing designers on their team! Minted website is super easy to use, and the selection is fantastic! You can even choose super cute border edges on the paper, color options, fold out cards, flat or 2 sided. There are lots of other neat options too! I loved in the folded cards, the time lines you can do inside. Any card you can customize it to make the card personal to you and your family. You can even personalize your envelopes!

Looking online at Minted, they did an amazing job with their displaying of the cards! It really helped me think what kind of picture I wanted to use, and what card would work best for my picture. I was loving all the cards! Here are some of my favorites :)
 Click Here to check out all their awesome options!
You can even make mini book cards for an affordable price! I loved these!
I had so much fun trying lots of different layouts with pictures to find the magic christmas card. Here are a few mockups I did. I even wrote a love note on the back of the cards to make it 2 sided! I wont tell you which one I printed yet...thats a surprise :) I cant wait to get them in the mail! Wahoo!


  1. oooooo super cute!! i love how simple they are too! love the new blog design! i thought i got to the wrong blog at first! hahaha. :) have fun at your market today!

  2. These are just way too cute!! I always love giving and receiving Christmas cards, and these are way better than the generic ones I usually get x)