My Lovely Grandma Bang :)

Friday, November 2, 2012

This past week on October 24th, my beautiful 93 year old Grandma Bang passed. Today is her funeral and I wish I could be there. (I could not miss sighing papers on the new house). I really wanted to go see Grandma and Grandpas cute house one last time to. They have been in the same house my grandpa built when they were first married. My sweet grandma has always been so healthy and strong till this past year of her life. I seriously feel she has had such an amazing life from choosing to eat healthy foods, be active, and kept her mind mentally strong. I also loved that she got ready every morning. She always put on a little makeup and got dressed for the day. She even made dinner every night, and cleaned the house till the last year of her life. She is such an amazing example to me in so many ways. She also has been a huge example to me as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I have always admired how she is always willing to serve the Lord at any age, and serve those around her. She always took the time to tell you she loved you, spend time with you, and listen. I have so many wonderful memories with my grandma and so sad to see her gone. I think the thing I am most sad about is that my grandpa is now alone. He is still so strong at 93. He is now moving to Arizona to be close to my family and to have company. I am so happy about that! I wish I lived in Arizona so I could go visit him daily :) Good thing we have telephones these days!
Here is my cute grandma and grandpa together! They were married for 72 years. I would say that is an amazing accomplishment! They were always so loving and sweet to each other  They really were those kind of people always working on being sweeter to each other and wanting to make each other happy. This was the first time Jake met my grandparents :) We were still dating at the time!
Some of my favorite times with my grandma was watching old movies and "I Love Lucy." When I was younger and would get to stay in Ohio with my grandparents, grandpa would go to bed around 9, and grandma would always be up for a party! We would stay up till midnight watching episodes of "I Love Lucy." It still to this day is my favorite show, and if I have a little girl someday, her name will be Lucy :) My grandma was always so sweet to me. I remember she would always ask me to play what I was learning on the piano for her. I was never great at the piano but I remember her asking me to play over and over the songs I knew. She was so kind.
I love this picture. Grandma and Grandpa didn't know I took it. They kept saying, "stop taking pictures of me." haha I couldn't stop though. They are just to dang cute! I remember one time I went to visit my grandparents all by myself  They are such healthy eaters ( and I mean healthy)  I remember grandma taking me to the grocery store and buying me Oreos and cereal and treats while I was with them for the week. Every morning at that time my grandparents would go to the mall at 6am while there were cleaners there and walk around. They would do laps around the mall to get some excersize in. How cute is that?! Well there was a shop that had cute music boxes, and my grandma wanted one so bad. Little did I know that she had bought me the one she loved so much. I still have it to this day. Its Noahs Arc with a real water fall and a beautiful song that played.
When my father was a little boy, my dad needed some new shoes really bad for the new school year. My grandma took the soles off her shoes and sewed them onto his shoes, so he could have some shoes for school. She sewed fabric onto the bottom of her shoes. Every time I think of that it makes me cry. My grandma doing that is such an example to me of love and sacrifice. She is such an amazing woman. I know she will be so happy in heaven and bless all the other people on that side. Also, I bet she is having a wonderful time spending time with her daughter Sandra that died many years ago.
Grandma and Grandpa with 3 of their 4 kids. Linda, Dave, Steve (Sandra who passed away). My Grandma has 20 grandchildren and 46 great grandchildren. She was an amazing woman who will really be missed.

I was trying to think of some words or things that reminded me of my grandma. Here are some things I came up with:
-Tic Tacs (she always had a little zip pouch with tic tacs in them.)
-Coins (every time I visited she let me pick coins from her coin collection to add to mine she helped me start)
-Jesus Christ (she always shinned the love of Christ everywhere she went. She always tried to be like him)
-Jeopardy (never missed watching it everyday)
-Annie Get Your Gun (one of her favorite shows)
-Comedy (she always loved to laugh and be positive)
-Piano (she loved to hear anyone play the piano, and she played the organ at an LDS temple for years)
-Beauty (always looked beautiful inside and out)
-Trooper (never complained)
-Lazy Boy (she always loved her lazy boy recliner chair)
-Homeaker (always kept a clean house, made meals with a smile on her face)
-Amazing parent (she has amazing children :)
-Service (always willing to serve and do things for others)
-Hard Worker (she married a very handy man, and was always helpful to him, her family and those around her)
-Sweet smile (she can make me melt)

There are so many other words and things that remind me of my grandma, but these are just a few that popped into my head on this special day ;)


  1. oh my gosh this made me teary. your grandma is an angel. so glad she is reunited with her daughter and in a better happy place. sounds to me like she lived a beautiful inspiring life. glad you have such a lovely family. and have fun visiting your gpa when you can :)

  2. I am sorry you can't be there at her funeral, I understand though with the house and all. She looks a lot like you! Its crazy how family genes can show through!

  3. your grandmother sounds like a very amazing lady and it's so great you have so many wonderful memories of her. thinking of you and your family today love. :)

  4. so precious. good thing the church is true!