Thanksgiving Day

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving day was wonderful! Jakes super cute Aunt Christi and her family put on an amazing Thanksgiving for us all! It was an amazing dinner full of great foods and company! Thanks Aunt Christi and fam! Jake and I had a wonderful time! I feel so lucky we got to go to her home to share the day :)
All over the house were cute table settings for everyone to have a place to eat! It was a big party of 30 people for dinner!
I love Thanksgiving! Not only is a great time for family/friends and food, its a wonderful time to reflect, think and be grateful. I feel there are so many things in life to be grateful for, and its wonderful to have a holiday to help us keep focused on whats important in life.

I feel this year I have so much to be grateful for. I was thinking about all the things that has gone on this year, and I feel so blessed. Here are a couple things that stuck out to me to be extremely grateful for this time of year...jakes job, great family, my Savoir and His friendship, our cute home, healthy and strong body (I didn't tell many people but earlier this year I got diagnosed with a form of cancer. No worries, I dont have any! but that entire process was intense), grateful to be LDS and know about the Plan of Happiness (my grandma died this year, and my dads best friend.. so glad to know I will see them again someday) grateful our turtles are starting to get along, grateful for the friends I have been able to make this year, new fresh start in a new home, sewing machine that works, beautiful outdoors and pretty mountains, fall time, warm coats, telephones to call home, fun tv shows, oreos, tuna, smiles and so much more!

I feel life is so wonderful and there is so much to enjoy! What a great thanksgiving!

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