Turtle Talk with Mr. T

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Last Monday, Mr. T had his little episode with getting bitten really bad. He was doing good Tuesday, but not eating. Wednesday late evening, his tank got full of blood again. Poor little guy :( So we took him out of the water, made him a cozy bed till it was morning to take him to the doctor. Thursday Jake had a half day so we could finish up packing and get ready to move so he got to go to the doctors with Mr. T and I. Wow, I cant say enough about how awesome Mr. T's doctor is. She is the neatest lady ever!
We got Mr. T some medicine to hopefully kill the pain and help his infection heal nicely. Also to get his appetite back. I never knew turtles could have medicine. The doctor showed us how to give Mr. T his medicine  I actually think he kind of likes it :) He is really good for Jake every time he gives it to him. (2 times a day) I am so surprised with how affordable turtle doctor visits and medicine are. I was nervous about that, and the prices were really affordable.
Jake giving Mr. T his medicine.

This Monday I had another scare with Mr. T. I thought he was dead. He was not moving and his water in his tank was really frothy. Dont worry, he is totally ok. I think he was playing dead on me. Silly turtle :) Well, the turtles are all doing great! Mr. T is eating again and seems to be himself :)

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  1. You are pretty much my favorite person ever, you guys have the funniest little stories! and I need to know how you feel about hair extensions- I see you have been a user!