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Monday, November 26, 2012

What a week! I turned 25, it was Thanksgiving, Black Friday...just alot of fun stuff going on! Jake got me some video games for my bday, so I have been playing those a bit this week! That has been fun!
Thursday we got to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner with Jakes family at his Aunt Christi's  It was great! We got to bring a fruit salad!
After Thanksgiving Dinner, and a movie, Jake and I headed to Walmart and Target and check out what was going on for Black Friday! We had fun!
Jakes parents were so sweet and gave us a mattress! Good thing I love bedding..I have lots of extra sets, so I picked one out, and up it on the guest bed! Now we need house guests! I am so excited  A bed makes an empty room look so much cozier!
Saturday, Jake and I went out to the pet stores to look for stuff for the turtles. On our adventure we stopped at In and Out for a burger and fries! Yum! It was a great week! Full of lots of sewing to! This week, Beehive Bazaar is coming up on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, so I am getting ready for that! This will be my first time doing this market! I am excited its at the Riverwoods! Here is a flyer for it!

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  1. yes, i love the beehive bazaar!
    i hope you had a fantastic birthday and week and everything!