a BIG day for the Harris Household

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Last night was a HUGE night for Jakes family! His youngest brother Wesley came home from a  Mission in Toulouse France. I am a member of the LDS church (most people know us as Mormons), and in our church, you can choose when you reach a certain age if you would like to serve a mission. On your mission, you dedicate your life to serving Jesus Christ and teaching about the LDS church to those you meet and come in contact with. Wesley left on his mission a few days after Jake and I got married! Its crazy to think how fast 2 years have flown by, and that he is now home! I have never seen Jakes mom soo excited! She has been more than ready for Wesley to come home. I am excited to have him back. I feel like he will add alot of joy to this holiday season coming up :)
I guess Tuesday nights at the Salt Lake Airport is a crazy one. Check out all these people waiting for missionaries to come home!
We finally spotted him! The suspense waiting for Wesley was intense. You would see other missionaries coming home, or random people getting off their flight, so we were all so ecstatic when we saw Wesley!
 All 4 Harris sons back together again :)
When we left the airport, we wanted to steal Wesley and take him home with us. haha, well have to do it another night once he has been home for a few days ;) Jake and I made a list of fun things we wanted to share with him that has happend since he has been gone. I think the biggest one is the Nientedo 3DS. Its probably my favorite invention from the last 2 years :) Wesley, were so glad to have you home! We love you!


  1. happy day! you look so cute in that dress!

  2. How fun! Gosh I cry whenever missionaries come home! I didn't know he has a brother on a mission! So cool! I bet your mother-in-law is so exicted to have him back for Christmas! :)

  3. yay!!! so exciting for your husbands family! brings back so many fun memories of welcoming home my 2 brothers and my sister home from their missions! so much fun!

  4. Great pics. Thanks so much for posting these. Wes looks great. So exciting for the family :)

    Auntie Randy

  5. Aw how fun! My cousin got back a few months ago and we waited in the airport forever getting excited everytime we saw a white shirt and tie haha. Glad your brother in-law is home again! congrats to him.
    Oh, and I love your tights by the way!