Belly Up by Stuart Gibbs

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

My mom gave me a Barnes and Noble gift card for my bday! I was so excited. It actually could of not come at a more perfect time. I have really wanted to start reading again, and some new books could do the trick to get me started again! A few nights ago Jake and I went to Barnes and Noble and I picked out 5 new books! Wahoo! The first book I got was called Belly Up by Stuart Gibbs, I could not wait to read it when I got home. I got home and started reading it at 7pm and couldn't put the book down till I finished it at 12:30am! I LOVED this book! It seriously had me on the edge of my seat the whole time reading it! Jake even brought me food (I will do anything for food) and I didn't even notice my food because I couldn't stop reading! I think that right there, says how great and exciting the book is!
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Belly Up is a murder mystery about a hippo! Teddy Fitzroy moves to Texas with his parents who work at the newest theme park called FunJungle. Teddy grew up in the Congo, and is adjusting to life now living at a theme park. Within the first few pages (or reading the back cover of the book) you find out the famous hippo mascot Henry has died. As Teddy finds the entire event odd, he researches and finds out what happened to the hippo. I dont want to spoil anything else though....I do love the trust that Teddys parents have for him, and the new friends he makes in the story. I was surprised at all the twists in turns in the books. I really had no idea how..or who..or why...the hippo died from till the very end.

I feel this book was very well written. It flowed and was very easy to follow along. I even felt the author did a great job researching animals and ideas he was writing about because he explained them all very well. I feel I learned a good amount about animals and how they react in the wild. I would recommend this book to anyone! Especially someone who likes a mystery, animal, fun, easy read!

I am happy I am in the mood to read again! I am excited to read some more books this Christmas week!


  1. Thanks for the introduction to this book. For what age group would you recommend it?

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