Passion Fruit Ads Yogurt Night, and some good food!

Sunday, March 31, 2013

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All the lovely ladies from a fun night of yogurt at Red Mango! Thanks to Jason, who got us all together for a fun evening and some yummy treats :)  I love blogging get togethers! Its so fun to say hello to friends and make new ones to!

Do any of you use Passion Fruit Ads? Do you like it?! I am thinking of joining the band wagon and signing up :)
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A yummy meal at Gurus! Sweet potato fries and amazing fish tacos! OOOH YUM! Probably one of my favorite meals of all time!
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My must eat meal every week. I LOVE In-N-Out Burger. I could eat it for breakfast/lunch/dinner, any time of the day. I think if I were only able to have one meal the rest of my life, I would choose a double double animal style with extra, extra spread. My life would be complete.
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A new place came in town called The Melty Way. I really liked the fun environment, and good company! I was bummed though, because the Melty Way says they are a gourmet grilled cheese, but I felt like sandwiches with only 3 toppings were not gourmet to me. I was also disappointed because the bacon was not the fresh cooked kind, it was microwave. I feel bad not saying I didn't LOVE the food. :( But I ate the entire sandwich, so that says something! I really like the cheese :) If you try it, let me know what you think! Maybe I ordered the wrong thing! I am always willing to try something again :)
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Cafe Rio Pork Salad! Can never go wrong with that!
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Oh yup,...cant miss fish tacos on Tuesday at Rubios! Jake likes to ask for his chips in a bag because he feels like he gets more chips. I think it might be true :)
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Last but not least, some chicken nuggets and fries for Chick-fil-A! Oh delicious! This is one of Jakes all time favorite places to eat. He loves there special sauce! I agree, its pretty dang good! I also love their fresh squeezed lemonade!


  1. I have noticed that you have so sweet shoes :)

  2. Wish we had in n out burger in the UK, looks Ahh-mazing!


  3. New to your blog!

    There´s too much yumminess in that post. I´ve never had In-n-out burger, can you believe this?! But oh do I love burgers.
    I am drooling over my keyboard right now, can you tell, haha ;)

  4. Oh yum! Everything looks delicious.

  5. I can't even talk about half of these photos without feeling upset that I am not eating these foods right now. My two true loves in live are a) tacos, and b) waffle fries. And, I live around the corner from an In 'n Out and let's just say.....I'm a regular.

  6. this makes me want to go get something yummy!!

  7. This post totally made me hungry! You and I have very similar taste in food

  8. If I ever move somewhere that there isn't an In-n-Out...I might die. LOVE it! However, I do have to say that chick fil a is my all time favorite. I could probably eat their chicken sandwich and fries every day!