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Friday, May 3, 2013

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Indian Food is one of our favorite foods of all time! Something about a saucey rice gets me every time :) I just love it! Jake and I usually like to go to Bombay House, but recently have been finding ourselves at Kohinoor. We like that there is less crowds and actually think the food we have ordered there several times is just as good, or even better than Bombay House. This time we ordered a ton of food and scarfed it up! We were hungry! Jake got the Chicken Bryani with Cucumber Raita and a Peshawari Naan. I used to not like Peshawari because it was too fruity and tasted a little bit too much like roses, but it has been growing on me and I like the sweet taste of it. I ordered the Shrimp Coconut Kurma and a Garlic Naan! Oh yum! One thing I really like about Kohinoor is the food proportions are great! There is a ton of meat in the sauces and they are always on top of filling up your water and getting you more rice if you need it! 
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Weekly In N Out run! Always a must! I have been asking for hot peppers on my burger lately  and LOVE the extra kick it gives the burger!
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I got to go to lunch with my friend Kyla at Paradise Bakery, and it turned into such a fun party! Sasha came and joined, and I ran into two friends from high school that I got to hang out with and catch up with  It was the best! To eat I got my favorite Chicken Walnut sandwich and Wild Rice Soup with a side of cookies! I love Paradise Bakery chocolate chip coconut cookies so much! AMAZING!
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Sasha, Annie, Jessica
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J-dawgs with everything on it, and extra special sauce. My mouth is just watering remembering this meal! One of my favorite places to eat! I LOVE hot dogs!
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A yummy dinner date and meal at The Smoking Apple! Plates big enough to split, and oh so yummy! I got the pulled pork, corn bread, smoked beans, and smashed potatoes! All their meats are so delicious.  I feel the food at The Smoking Apple really tastes smoked, and adds a lot to the flavor of the food.  The bbq sauce is a bit more vingeary than I like, but overall love this place and love to go back! The sides are my favorite!
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Jake and I occasionally go to get dessert at The Chocolate  but need to go more! We love it there! Its a cute old house, with fun sitting rooms to eat your treats! We like to get the chocolate chip cazookie. We also really like their sugar cookies and vanilla cake! Next time we need to try the sweet potato! It looks amazing!


  1. everything looks super yummy!

  2. I like to eat out as well, cool photos :)


  3. Drooling on the keyboard.

  4. I loooooooove Indian food! We only have two really good Idian places around here, and boy are they expensive! We also do not have an In-and-Out burger either :( dang midwest...

  5. Wow.. My stomach is growling!!!

    These photos look AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I always feel silly grabbing my camera and pulling it out at restaurants but I LOVE eating out too :D And I'm still learning my big boy camera.

    I wish some of these places were near me!

  6. Yum, yum, yummm!!! I also love Indian! I need to branch out--I get Chicken Vindaloo. Everything looks amazing!

  7. Oh that makes me so hungry now! Also I really like the layout of your blog :)
    You said your family is from Germany? Where are you living now? I´m actually from Luxembourg and I just live in Germany at the moment to study there but as they are neighbour countries it´s not a huge difference :P

  8. This post makes me hungry.

  9. Ooh that looked exactly like Bombay House! Yum we will have to give that a try!!

  10. That ice cream on top of the chocolate chip cookie looks like HEAVEN !


  11. Really nice pics! I'm hungry!!! :-)


  12. going back to cali over memorial day weekend. can't wait for in-n-out!!!!! this makes me so hungry

  13. Thank you SO much, Kelsey for your very sweet comment on my recent blog post! It means so much, and yes, kindness, time and patience for other people means more than people realize sometimes! <3

    Also, I, too, LOVE to eat out and all of this food is making me hungry...looks delish all around! I'm so happy to have found your little blog in blogland, thanks to you stopping by mine! :)

  14. I am Věry Věry hungryyyyyy now :DD looks so delicious and the dessert

    1. Would be nice If you check my blog and maybe we can follow each other ?:)


  15. girl, i like how you eat! i don't eat meat, and this still all looks delicious! that indian looks so yummy!

  16. Talk about cute headers! Yours is adorable! Thanks for stopping by - I love your blog and I will definitely be following. PS - that In & Out burger looks aaaa-mazing.

  17. Oh wow it's breakfast time here and I'm totally craving that chocolate chip cazookie!, xx

  18. Yum, this is one delicious post, everything looks so good! Thanks for your visit sweety, have a great weekend.

  19. Hi Kelsey!!!!!!
    These photos are awesome!!!!!
    Thanks so much for visiting my blog & please visit again soon!!!!

  20. good gracious, woman! i love all your food posts though. i like someone who can appreciate good food.

  21. I haven't had dinner yet, so I'm sort of regretting reading this post. I can't tell if I'm glad I read this or way too jealous. Probably both!
    Happy weekend!
    xo, k

  22. oh my gosh this all looks amazing, i love going out for lunch.


  23. That food is making me hungry !!! LOVE your blog , so glad you stopped by following your blog on bloglovin xo

    Meghan Silva's Blog

  24. Mama Mia Kelsey!!! I could just kill for a good curry right now!! I miss good International food as its very limited here in North Africa! That's all looks so good! Ax

  25. Haha I like to eat out as well, and all this food looks yummy!

    Trendy Teal

  26. love this food and also your blog! It's so nice!!! I follow you!
    Pass to my blog and if it likes you follow me too, I will be so glad :D

  27. Oh my gosh! We just recently tried kohinoor for the first time and loved it! I think the slightly sketchy outside was making Ethan hold back but it's like amazing inside and the food is SO good! Plus it's not crowded. I love it! I love Indian food :)

  28. Yum yum!
    That seems delicious.


  29. this all looks SO GOOD. omg. love the blog, girl, can't wait to read more.

    love, rach.

  30. Oh good lordy all this food looks insanely good. I have never had an in n out burger...maybe its because I have never seen them around where I live...but oh goodness I just want to take a huge bite outta that burger, LOL!!!

    xo Dinah @ sunshine super glam

  31. youre always traveling, i love it! you look beautiful