Yummy Food! plus the most amazing cupcake of my LIFE!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

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My neighbor is an all around amazing cook. She bakes cupcakes often and sometimes I get to try out her new recipes! Jake and I got to try her Maple Bacon Cupcake. Let me tell you, I am normally not a frosting type of gal, and I licked this cupcake clean! Oh the frosting was amazing, the cupcake was so good, and the smoked bacon was even more divine! When we opened the cupcake box, the smell was so amazing! You could smell the smoked bacon and the maple! OHHH YUM! The maple and bacon were a perfect combo! I need to have an excuse to higher her to make these cupcakes for :) Also, how cute is here cupcake presentation? She is amazing!
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I also got to try one of her Smores cupcakes! Wow, divine! 
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Eating a bacon burger, fries, and custard at JCW's. I am a big fan of yummy fries and burgers! 
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Baja Fish Tacos! One of Jakes and I all time favorite places to eat! We got to do a drive by and stop by to eat! I got the guacamole and chips and got amazing fresh salsa from the salsa bar! I also got the carne asada burrito, and wow, it is amazing! Its so fresh, and filled with perfect flavors!
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Jake and I stopped at Rocco's food truck! Its becoming a favorite of ours! Someone asked me how they compare to other tacos. I would say I really like this taco because its not trying to be like another stores taco. Its unique, has its own flavor and own style. Its really good and has its own unique taste. And food from a food truck? Does not get better than that!
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I got to try a new thai place called Thai Village. I got the massamum curry and loved it! The curry was a good consistency, had plenty of tasty items in it, and the lunch special came with an eggroll! YUM!
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Have you tried the maple bacon sundae at Burger King? Oh wow, let me tell ya, if you like any of those items (bacon, maple or a sundae) you must try it! Even if you dont like any of those items, its worth a try :) I actually liked the sundae so much, Jake and I have been going to get one of these babies way to often! Its a limited time item, so I have to get it while they have it available :)


  1. Love the look of the tacos...yum! xx


  2. Oh yum! My belly is growling! I so want to try that sundae from BK!

  3. Mmm that looks so delicious! I want everything!


  4. Mmmmmmmmm!!!

  5. Ahh you are making me so hungry! :)


  6. bacon sundae? That sounds so interesting. If you don't rave about it, I would never try it. Maybe I should give it a try :)


  7. I want those cupcakes, the custard and oh pretty much all of it! :)