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Friday, July 5, 2013

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Hope you had an awesome 4th of July and got to do something fun! Here some of Jakes and I's latest eats! Cubbys! I finally found out why ever one loves it! I got the tri steak this time, and wow, its amazing! Highly recommend it! The tri steak salad and sandwich are amazing!
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Jake got the Mr. Beef and Cubbys. It was good but not as good as the try tip! 
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In and Out Burger, double double animal style, extra spread and animal style fries! Also, In and Out started charging $3.50 for animal style fries. Thats what I call a sad day! Thats more than a double double burger! I guess no more animal fries now...
chic fil a, chicken breakfast, simply orange, orange juice, chicken sandwich, chick fil a breakfast, fast food breakfast
I have been seeing Chick-fil-A advertise breakfast, and Jake and I finally went! I got a breakfast chicken sandwich  tots and orange juice! I loved that they had bottled OJ and it was simply orange brand! For the breakfast, it was good, but I just love Chick-fil-A lunch and dinner so much more. It wasn't that my breakfast wasn't good, it was, I just love a McDonalds breakfast to much!
panda express, chow mein, orange chicken, panda express orange chicken, chicken and greens, fortune cookie
Panda Express has been one of my all time favorite places to eat since I was little. Maybe its my memories of eating there that makes it so delicious, but every time I eat it, I LOVE IT!
dairy queen, dilly bar, chocolate dilly bar, ice cream bar, summer treat, dairy queen ice cream
I was driving around and wanted a treat, and saw Dairy Queen. I have not had a Dilly Bar in years, and thought I should get one! It was just as good as I remembered!
tortilla bar, hanger beef, steak tacos, tortilla bar utah, places to eat in utah valley, tortilla bar review
I finally got around to trying the Tortilla Bar! And wow, can we say AMAZING?! I loved it so much, Jake and I have been going back way to much! The hanger tacos and the empanadas are my favorite items on the menu!


  1. I wish we had an In-N-Out in London!

  2. I think the tortilla bar food looks delicious!

  3. I've been hearing such great things about Cubbys! I think I'm moving it to the top of my to-eat list!

    Hope you had an awesome fourth, Kelsey!