in my white tee

Tuesday, February 18, 2014 - a his and her style blog a his and her style blog

Faux Fur Coat: Asos
Oversized White Tee: Asos
Pants: SWELL c/o (20% off Site Wide with code PREZZY)
Boots: Report
Bowler Handbag: Prada (jacquard style sold out)
Fedora: Gap
Lipstick: MAC- Photo

Down Coat: Uniqlo
Jeans: All-Saints
Shoes: Sperry Topsider

Do you ever have those outfits you feel so much like yourself in? This is one of those outfits for me.  I have always loved oversized clothing, and faux fur! Something so cozy and fun about them for me!  I am a big fan of comfort clothing! Is there anything you ever wear that you feel so comfortable in you can do anything?

My pants/leggings today are from an awesome company called SWELL. They are a super cool surf shop located in Orange County, California. Not only do they carry awesome name brands, they have a very affordable SWELL brand line that has lots of unique and chic styles for all personalities! Right now they have 20% off their entire store using code PREZZY. I highly recommend checking them out :)


  1. great look! Loving your blog! Cool styles for her & him!

  2. love that bag too!! oh man, so delish!!

  3. I am honestly in love with everything about your outfit. I love the pairing of your fur coat with the purse, not alot of people would go for it. but it looks awesome!


  4. You asked for me to sing "in my white tee" since you titled this post that, yes? JK!
    I love the coat, it's a true statement piece!

  5. Fabulous fur coat! Such a great statement piece!