Fun in the sun + a cool fathers day Idea

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Dress/ Bag: Mott 50 c/o
Shoes: Miss Albright (loving these)
Sunglasses: Rayban- Wayfarer
Fedora Hat: Gap (similar)
Lipstick: MAC-Rubywoo
Anchor Wristlet: Hayden Reis c/o
Fish Phone Case:  kidogo kidogo c/o

Cat Tank Top: Mossimo
Swim Trunks: American Apparel
Sandals: Rainbow
Sunglasses: Prada
Swordfish Wristlet: Hayden Reis c/o

Being from Arizona, I love playing in the sun! As I have gotten older, I have learned how important it is to protect my skin and taking care of it! When I learned about Mott 50 I was so excited!  Not only did I love their darling designs, but their clothing is certified with 50 UPF to block the sun's UVA and UVB rays.  I love that I can sit in the sun, still feel the heat but be a little more protected. 

Yesterday Jake and I got to spend some time at The Scera Pool! We got there in the morning so we could have a fun morning/afternoon there!  The morning sun was so perfect out! The Scera Pool is the perfect place to relax and have fun! I could spend all day there! There are water slides and tons of pools to play in!  Jake spent his time in the lap pool.  I was lame and spent my time reading my magazines in the grass!  I was so excited to wear my Mott 50 Dress and hang out by the pool! Also, have any of you tried the Watermelon Oreos yet? I didn't think I would like them...but I can say I LOVED THEM! They were so amazing and tasty! I filled up a couple jars with treats and we ate them all! The Oreos were our favorite!

Do any of feel like Fathers Day is the hardest day to shop for? I feel like my dad is the kinda dad that would like anything, but sometimes its hard to find the perfect thing! I always feel that way about buying things for Jake too! He will love anything I get him, but finding the perfect "thing" can be tough! With summer here, a fun Fathers Day gift could be a fun wristlet from Hayden Reis!  Jake and I both have one and brought ours to the pool! We both used ours to protect our phones and car keys! The wristlet is the perfect size to carry by its self or toss in a larger bag! We were so excited to learn that Hayden Reis bags are made from the finest quality sailcloth which makes their products water resistant and each item, one of a kind! Today Hayden Reis is offering Kelsey Bang readers 15% off their entire site! Use code "HISANDHERS" and check out! Offer code valid till 6/16/14. Plus they have fast shipping!

I was so glad we got to spend some time outdoors this week! If you get a chance, go for a walk or spend some time outside! Thanks so much for stopping by today!


  1. That's really unique that the dress has sun protection! It's really cute too.

  2. Haha love the cat tank. I need one for my hubby. You both look so stinking cute. I love your fun style.


  3. I cannot get over the cats on his tank! And your dress is just stunning on you!

  4. Can we talk about how cute you look? That dress is perfection on you!

  5. Cute photos. Looks like you had fun. Thanks so much for your visit and comment

  6. You guys look adorable, and your photos are perfection and so magazine worthy! ;)

    God bless,
    XO, Claire

  7. Awesome photos! Love your shades
    Thank you for your comments let me know if you would like to follow each other :)

  8. Great post! I love the blue stripes with the yellow shades! Your blog is so fun :)

  9. Oh gosh, the swordfish wristlet is the cutest! Looks like a wonderful day out in the sun!

    xo erica

  10. I love these photos! Your outfit is so great!

  11. This is too cute! I love seeing couples blog together. It is just so refreshing. I love your sandals too ! Such cute summer outfits!

    If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest.


  12. Cool images of both of you.

  13. I think I need that striped dress, so cute!

  14. Dear, your blog is fabulous! I like your photos & your style!
    Everything is perfect!

    would you like to follow each other?

    will be happy to see you in my blog!

  15. This dress is absolutely adorable on you! I am loving your shoes too!

  16. Such a cute hip couple!
    Dawn Lucy

  17. You both look awesome. Love your dress and the cat tank!! I have to check out the shop. Clothes with sun protection sounds great!

    xx Mira

  18. That dress is perfect! I have yet to find a good fitting striped dress.
    xo Adri

  19. Beautiful photos, the lighting is so gorgeous. I love your dress as well and those little sail bags are adorable!

    prosecco in the park

  20. What a group of great images atmosphere ,well done.

    I also write a post about Father`s Day,i invite u to read my post

  21. I love the photos as well as your outfit!

  22. Seriously how fun are these pics! Already bookmarked your blog. Thanks for the Father's Day gift ideas.. it truly is the hardest holiday to shop for!

  23. I know right, it's so hard to shop for my dad but I decided to just get him a gift card . Great outfit and pictures. My favorite one is the second to last photo. It's so cute <3
    ßerry ♥ Stylish  

  24. I adore the dress! Such a cool concept
    Allison from :)

  25. Very nice Post and Beautiful Pics!!! Love your Yellow Sunglasses by Ray Ban, Im in Love with this

    FOLLOW MY BLOG / Maybe we can follow each other!!!

  26. Adorable, love the outfits and the pictures!

  27. I love that first pic of you, it's STUNNING! I think it's time to rename the blog though. Jake is in every post, he should get some love too, as he's so dapper and your other half.

    1. haha your too cute! I love you Ashleigh! I agree, its totally time for a blog name change, but Jake hasn't wanted to change it! He needs some convincing! I have been trying to brain storm on ideas and cant come up with any! Any name ideas?!

  28. Such cute looks! Loving your dress! And how cute are those mason jars for your snacks! Gotta try that!


  29. Loving it…
    See you soon!

  30. Cute dress and bag, love it!!