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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Disneyland Mickey Mouse Macaron

Well, if you know anything about Jake and I we love going to Disneyland, and we love trying out all the foods at Disneyland!  We always have our regular food stops that we like to eat at, but this Disneyland trip we wanted to try some items we had not eaten before.

Disneyland 60th Anniversary Rice Crispy Treat

When we were at Disneyland, we got to go to the start of the Disneyland 60th Anniversary Celebration.  We had so much fun checking out all the treat shops and seeing all the fun decorated treats for the celebration!  We love themes/holidays at Disneyland just to see how they decorate cute treats!

Disneyland Food Blog Reviews - Fish and Chips

I love at Disneyland there are so many places to eat at from a grab and go corn dog stand, to nice sit-down restaurants.   One of our favorite quick service food corners is Stage Door Cafe.  They have corn dogs, nuggets and fish and chips!  For some reason I love fried fish and love anytime I get to eat it!

Disneyland Food Blog Review- Cars Land Cozy Cone Motel Chili Cone Queso

A must have at California Adventure is a stop in Cars Land at the Cozy Cone Motel!  All the food and snacks at the Cozy Cone Motel are so fun and especially the Chili Cone Queso!  This is a food that Jake and I dream about and always want to get when we are at Disneyland!  You can't beat yummy beef chili in a cute bread cone!

Disneyland Food Blog Review- Treats and Sweets

If you have not had a chance to try an Olaf Marshmallow skewer,  it needs to be your first treat to get at Disneyland!  They have them at the bakery on Main street at Disneyland and California Adventure and Pooh's Corner.  I am not a big marshmallow eater but these ones are off the charts!  The soft chewy marshmallows, dipped in caramel, and covered in white chocolate is the perfect sweet combination!

The thick multi-chip cookies are amazing!  They may not look as appealing as the other treats in the treat shop because they aren't bright colors and they don't have sparkles on them, but let me tell ya, they are dang good!  The cookies are about an inch high, super thick and extremely soft!  We always love to get a few cookies and throw them in our backpack to snack on throughout the day.

We love the Mickey rice crispy treats!  We have found our favorite ones are the white chocolate on top!

Disneyland Food Blog- Food Cart Chimichanga

At some of the food carts there are chimichangas!  I got this one right outside Sleeping Beauty's Castle and had so much fun sitting on the bench eating it and people watching.  You can get a salsa with the chimichangas that are the perfect topping on top of the yummy fried beans!

Disneyland Food Blog- Cafe Orleans

Cafe Orleans has lunch and dinner!  They are known for the Monte Cristo Sandwiches, Mint Julep Drinks and the Pommes Frites!  We have eaten here several times and have loved everything we tried!

Disneyland Food Blog- Cafe Orleans Crescent City Salad with Blackened Chicken

This was our first time trying out the Crescent City Salad with Blackened Chicken.  The blackened chicken was amazing!  We ate that all up really fast!  We really liked the whole salad, but next time I would get the dressing on the side. 

Disneyland Food Blog- Cafe Orleans Chicken Gumbo

There are a few places that serve gumbo in Disneyland but they are all different and all delicious.  At Cafe Orleans theres is a chicken, sausage, ham with cajun rice gumbo and it is excellent.  We ordered a small cup of the gumbo and it was so good we ordered another cup!  Next time we are getting the bowl of gumbo!

Disneyland Food Blog- Cafe Orleans Pomme Frites Review

The Pomme Frites were fantastic!  The Cajun Spice Remoulade dipping sauce was fantastic and the perfect touch to the parmesan garlic fries!  Stopping by Cafe Orleans just for the Pomme Frites and Mint Juleps are worth the stop!

Disneyland Food Blog- Ice Cream Cone Review

At both the entrance shops in California Adventure and Disneyland there are ice cream shops.  I always love getting a dipped cone with mint chocolate chip ice cream!  It's always the perfect treat on a hot day and big enough to split!  At the California Adventure ice cream stop you can get ice cream bars and fun topping on them that are super tasty!

Disneyland Food Blog- Mickey Mouse Salted Pretzel

Mickey pretzels with salt are always a great quick snack!  We love the pretzel cart in FrontierLand and TomorrowLand because they have extra big cheese dipping sauces :)

Disneyland Food Blog: Dark Chocolate Pineapple Wedge

Once again the Olaf Marshmallow Skewers are fantastic.  An all time favorite though is the fruit skewer.  It is a Dole pineapple wedge dipped in dark chocolate and drizzled with white chocolate.  The dark chocolate with the tart pineapple is the perfect mix and a must get treat!  They are sold wherever other candy shop items are sold. (Pooh's Corner, Main Street, etc.)

Disneyland Food Blog: Matterhorn Macaroon

If you have not gotten a Matterhorn Macaroon yet, it's time!  As far as I know they only sell them at The Holly Jolly Bakery.  They are a coconut soft chewy cookie dipped in white chocolate!  The outside is always baked to perfection so when you bite into the Matterhorn Macaroon it has a crunch followed by the soft chewy inside... and it's magical!

Disneyland Food Blog: Maurices Food Stand

One of Jake's favorite stops, and MUST HAVE drink is in the new Princess area they added at Disneyland to the left of Sleeping Beauty's Castle.  There is Maurice's Stand and Jake loves to get the boysenberry slush and I like to get a chocolate twist.  They also have other fun bread twists but I always go back to the chocolate one because it's my favorite one I have tried.

Disneyland Food Blog: Peppermint Patty

I love peppermint patties so when I saw a homemade dark chocolate peppermint patty at the bakery I knew I had to try one!  It was just as I hoped.. super minty and fresh! It did not disappoint.

Disneyland Food Blog: Award Wining Wieners Chili Hot Dog

This was our first time trying out the Award Wining Wieners at California Adventure.  We are big hot dog fans so we are not to hard to please.  We got a chili dog.  They also had other Chicago and fun topping style hot dogs that are quick and easy to grab and eat.

Disneyland Food Blog: Corn Dog Castle

The Corn Dog Castle and the Red Wagon Corn Dog stand are amazing!  I always ask for my corn dogs extra crispy!  It adds the perfect crunch to the bread!

Disneyland Food Blog: Churro Ice Cream Sandwhich
Disneyland Food Blog: Churro Ice Cream Sandwhich

This ice cream sandwich churro was a new one for us at Disneyland.  You can only get these at the churro cart at Downtown Disneyland.  The ice cream comes in a container and you put the ice cream in the middle of the churros since they give them to you hot. The ice cream melts pretty quick, and it gets messy, but the ice cream churro combo is fantastic :)  I really liked the fun ice cream churro sandwich, but I think I might like just a regular churro for connivence sake.  At this churro cart they also have an Oreo and other unique churro flavors here.

Disneyland Food Blog: Best Churro Cart

Well you know... Disneyland churros are a must :)  Our favorite churro stand is next to the Haunted Mansion and the churro cart at A Bugs Land.  I swear...they are they best from there for some reason :)  Although  if I am feeling like a churro, I will get one anywhere at Disneyland :)

Thanks for eating your way through this post with us!  Hope you have a great week!


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  20. oh guys the food looks so delicious in Disneyland, couldn't be better....
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  21. oh guys the food looks so delicious in Disneyland, couldn't be better....
    hope you had a great time

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