Fall Wardrobe Packing Tips and Tricks

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Fall Travel Tips and Tricks
Fall Travel Tips and Tricks
Fall Travel Tips and Tricks
Fall Travel Tips and Tricks

Suit Case Set: DVF via eBags (only $459 for set of 3)

White Tee: Everlane
Jeans: DSTLD
Shoes: Zara (similar)
Lipstick: Mac-Blanketty

Shirt: Jcrew
Jeans: All Saints
Sneakers: Palladium Boots
Sunglasses: Warby Parker

As we all know, fall clothes are thick, bulky and include a lot of layers!  When we travel we have learned to always be up for an adventure and we need to be prepared, but we don't like to overpack or pay for extra luggage at the airport.  When we travel, we try to stick to one large suit case each.  It's even better too if Jake and I can share one bag!

We recently have been in the market for new luggage and were so excited when we found this neat three-piece luggage set from DVF at eBags!  eBags has an entire "fashion luggage" section that has so many neat and trendy luggage options!  We were so impressed with the large selection of luggage that can fit everyone's traveling and fashion needs!

Through our travels during different seasons of the year, we have learned a few packing tips that we thought we would share with you!  This post will focus on Fall Wardrobe packing tips.


-Check the weather forecast for the week of your travels and pack accordingly.  Make sure to have a travel umbrella and sunglasses on hand just in case :)

-Pick a color scheme.  If your wardrobe is in the same color scheme you can easily mix and match pieces of your wardrobe.

-Consider bringing clothing pieces you can mix and match.  Skirts, Shirts, Jeans.  This is a hard one for me because I am such a dress gal.

-Simple is better.  When traveling during the fall time, simple outfits usually are easier.  I find not having to switch handbags or add lots of accessories works easier for me.  If I bring any statement pieces I try for it to be a coat that I will wear all week, or a fun handbag that will go with all my outfits.

-Lay out all your outfits before hand.  I used to just throw a ton of clothes I felt like wearing in a suit case and hope when I got to the destination they would work out.  These days I have a clothing rack I bust out from storage when I am packing.  I like to hang all my clothing out before I pack it and get my outfits lined up.  If I know what I am packing before hand and have my outfits laid out, I do not bring any extra clothes that will take up space in my suit case.

-Take pictures of each outfit after you have figured out what you are pairing together.  I use my phone since I always have that on hand. Then when I am on my trip I can look at the pictures and remember what goes with what.  Taking the pictures also helps to remember if you have jewelry or little things that go with an outfit that can easily get forgotten.  Also with shoes, sometimes being packed not next to my outfit I easily forget what I packed.  Its also nice to have pictures of what you packed incase your checked bags get lost you have pictures to know exactly what to write down on the forms for your missing luggage.

-Put all your shoes in shoe bags and your purses in bag covers. - This is something not everyone likes to do, but I love shoe bags.  I love that I can have my shoes with dirty soles on them next to my clothes and not worry about my clothes getting dirty.  With fall time, the weather can also be a little unpredictable and shoes can get muddy! If you don't have shoe bags, grocery bags can work great!  I also make sure to stuff my shoes/handbags with undies and socks so they don't take up any extra space in my bag.  And this helps them keep their form.

-Fall hats.  If you're a hat person, pack your hats stacked on top of each other with the smallest one on the bottom.  Pack mittens or tees inside the hat where your head is supposed to go.  Put the hat with the brim touching the bottom of the suitcase in the middle.  Pack your clothes in stacks around the hat.

-Bring a coat with you on the plane.  For fall-time packing I usually end up bringing a few coats with me on a trip. I always like to bring a structured coat with me on the plane that I do not want to pack so the shoulders don't get misshaped.  I love packing puffy coats because they squish and end up not taking up to much space.

Fall Travel Tips and Tricks
Fall Travel Tips and Tricks
Fall Travel Tips and Tricks
Fall Travel Tips and Tricks


-Pack an extension cord or power strip.  When we stay at hotels, with a family member or friend we don't know what plugs will be available for use. Instead of having to charge a phone, then a laptop, then a watch, then a camera battery,  it's easier to just pack a power strip and be able to charge them all at once over night.

-Bring a trash bag for dirty clothes.  I love to toss all my dirty clothes in trash bag so when I get home I can dump the clothes straight in the laundry basket!  I also like that if I have outfits I ended up not wearing and want to keep clean that my dirty clothes will be separate from them.

-Important items to bring with your carry on.  When I check a bag, I bring a back pack that has my head phones, laptop in it and a book to read on the plane.  I also bring my phone charger, make-up and a fresh pair of underwear.  I have been on way too many planes flights that have been canceled because of weather and we don't have access to our bags and end up staying the night.

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  4. Great tips! And the photos look so brilliant. I love your suitcases by the way; pretty pretty!

  5. these are great tips and I always take pics of my outfits too, but not when travelling, on a Sunday afternoon, for the work week I have ahead of me. It saves me soooo much time in the morning :D

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  6. Such a great post, Kelsey! I love those suitcases by the way and the tips are super helpful, as I do tend to overpack (all the time)!

    I hope you have an amazing day and thanks so much for sharing :)



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    The Color Palette

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  23. i love your shoes..all the things here..this is a great blog i think with you boyfriend.. amazing idea..keep it up..


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