Framing has begun!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Wow, can I just say it is starting to feel real that we are building a home. I am still super paranoid for some reason things wont work out, or something will happen..but overall I am way excited about this all! The process has been going smoothly. I love seeing new progress everyday. 
August 27: Cement laid in driveway and basement 
 August 28: Framing has begun! Wahoo!
 August 29: A top to start the main level! Whoooa!
 Jake crawling in the basement to check it out!
View from the basement! Next step is for framing to start moving UP! So excited!


  1. How exciting!! I want to build a house!!

  2. i love following along with this! its amazing to see how fast everything is happening.