Camp Fire Dinner

Sunday, August 18, 2013

One our favorite things to do when we are in California is sit around the fire and roast smores! This time my mom had the fun idea to do hot dogs as well! Oh my, it was so much fun! We all had a blast roasting hot dots and marshmallows! I never knew how dang good a hot dog is over a open fire!  Wow, tasty! The kids were all being so cute roasting their items! They were constantly shocked at when their marshmallow would catch on fire :) They were so fun to watch.  


  1. I love roasted hot dogs! They are so good. It's such a bonding experience too.

  2. This is some of my favorite food! Yum!


  3. We used to do that a lot last summer in Wyoming! I miss it dearly!

    Ana Paula
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