The 90's Called, and I answered.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Airport Style
Airport Style
Airport Style
Airport Style

Food Tee: Zara
Shark Shoes: Jeffery Campbell
Lipstick: Mac-Ruby Woo
Floral Backpack: Herschel Supply Co.
Purse/Camera Bag: Jo Totes

Airport Style for Men
Jo Totes Atlantic Briefcase
Airport Style

Shirt: Express
Camo Joggers: Zanerobe
Backpack: Everlane
Briefcase/Camera Bag: Jo Totes

Happy First of October! I cant believe how fast this year is flying by!

Recently Jake and I went on a super fun trip to Washington DC.  We had picked up these awesome camera bags we are both wearing in this post from Jo Totes.  They were such a life savor on the trip!  I am someone who always likes to have a SLR camera on me but not always carry it around my neck.  We loved using our new camera bags because we could change out the removable velcro  pockets of the bag to fit for whatever lenses or camera we were bringing out for the day!

In DC I got the chance to meet up for dinner with my darling friend  Gentri Lee.  Her and I were talking about fashion and were cracking up how the 90's are totally back! Anything from boyfriend jeans, distressed denim, joggers, oversized clothing, plaid and flannels, Birkenstocks, big cluncky Doc Martins.. all of it are back!  We were laughing because we both were saying how we have kept trying to hold back on this style, but keep finding it in our everyday wardrobe!  Make sure to check out Genri Lees darling blog post today and she how she incorporated the 90's/ Grunge into her outfit!

When packing for this trip I kept laughing at everything I packed.  Normally when I go on a trip I love to wear lots of color and a lot of dresses and skirts.  This trip my bag was full of t-shirts and Palladium Boots!  I guess I am a big fan of grunge and the Modern 90's style :)

These pictures were taken at the airport on our way out to Washington DC.  We always love to dress comfy for long flights! Cant wait to share some DC Style posts with you all soon :) Thank you so much for stopping by today!


  1. Love the backpack! So super cute!

    Heidi Daoud

  2. Good setting for pictures!! Love the color of your camera bags.

  3. That's a camera bag? It looks like a purse! Want it! P.S. Your shirt is making me hungry for all the wrong things this morning.


  4. So cute and we're loving your top. Perfect travel style.

    xx 365hangers

  5. I'm all about cute, funny titles and yours is great! I love that t-shirt!

  6. I love both of y'alls outfits! And such a great idea doing them in the airport!

  7. Great blog, so glad I found it! Wonderful photography.

  8. Love both camera bags and I adore that hat! Great looks!

  9. I love that yall took pictures in the airport! I love your 90s inspired outfits and I can't get over that shirt!! and I am loving the camo pants!


  10. Stop it with that top!! So cute!! Such perfect airport style! You both look awesome!

    <3 Shannon

  11. I absolutely ADORE this look and you both you amazing together! ;) xx

  12. I just cracked up at the title of this post. Those bags are such a great, stylish option to carry a camera! I loved seeing the insta pics of DC. That was such a favorite trip of mine. I was totally reliving it along with you.

    xo, Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  13. Such a nice outfit!, it looks like a comfy but still pretty fashionable outfit for the airport! Loving the pictures as well<3

    Beatriz || Classy and Trendy

  14. The two of you are killing it as always. I'm glad you picked up for the 90' rock them :)


  15. Great outfit for the airport!


  16. I love your tee and make up in these photos. Jake's joggers look really comfy.

  17. This is the perfect travel outfit! Love it! I work in menswear so I love when bloggers feature their significant others;)

    Pink Champagne Problems

  18. Love your fun and casual outfits! Those brown bags are amazing!
    Red Reticule

  19. Such a beautiful color of lipstick - and such cute travel outfits. Love your blog! :) Xo, Alison

  20. Beautiful! Love your shoes ;)

  21. I'm totally here for the 90s vibe that's experiencing a resurgence- it's fun!
    Those camera bags sound amazing!

    Happy Thursday!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  22. Great shots! Your shirt is basically my diet...probably not a good thing :) I love that the 90's are back, the laid back feel is always good!

    Clothes & Quotes

  23. Love that graphic tee! Super cute. That bag too - it is so lovely!

    Tiffany Ima
    Style Honestly

  24. You looks so girly with this pink lipstick and the blush. Ommmmmm

    Greetings from Poland

  25. You guys are the coolest couple ever, I love DC I cannot wait to go back in December. xoxo


  26. Super cool outfits for both of you!!
    xo, Jane

  27. Should great photos!! Such a creative location
    Martina XX

  28. Cute pics. I especially like Jake's look. Come this Monday, I'll be posting a camo & Sperry look myself. Much like white, I wear my Spery's after Labor Day also. Then again, I grew up rocking Sperry's every season. Well, not on snowy days naturally. Hope you guys had a nice trip.
    Instagram: koshercoco